Install a VM in a ARM MAC Using UTM (English)

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I wanted to have linux in my mac.

The very first thought was to use either a paid solution like parallel or the old good VirtualBox.

But then, my pal chatGPT, told me about UTM and, I have to say, looks wonderful.

It's easy peasy:

- Go to (OK, maybe the landing could be more impressive. But there is nothing bad in using Free landing page templates!! )

- Click Download and install it as any other mac app, and open it

- Once you have opened UTM, just browse UTM gallery, choose the OS you want to install and that's it.

You have now a new OS system running in your machine. In my case linux 22

Of course you have plenty of configuration options but as I always say: stop procrastinating nerd-tools, do what you wanted to do straight away (and I guess you are not here to be a UTM expert right?)

Thanks UTM maintainers.

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